Robb Reel

My life’s an open book but I’m pretty sure the novel wouldn’t sell. I enjoy hiking, yet I’m also an Olympic-caliber porch sitter and bonfire watcher. I love baseball, burgers, bourbon, bacon, beagles, bonfires, and lots of things that don’t start with the letter B.

When we get “Up Reel Early” each workday, we’ll get a little sneaky when we go Behind the Boss’s Back, get a little smarter with a Reel Interesting Fact, share a little with A Reel Good Question, and get a little excited over Your Reason to Celebrate.

I love connecting with the real people in our community every single day, so I look forward to seeing you out and about.  I am so glad to be back in Charleston, “by God.”  Thanks so much for loving your Country with me and getting “Up Reel Early” with Superstar Country 96.1 KWS!

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