Visit with Santa and help your neighbors!

Mardi Gras Casino & Resort and Poca Valley Bank presents Santa’s Christmas Cabin located beside the garden center at South Ridge Walmart. Bring the kids to meet Santa Claus while making a donation of socks, gloves, hats or money to support the United Way of Central West Virginia.

All donations will be distributed in Kanawha, Putnam, Boone, Clay and Logan Counties.

Hours – Weekdays 5pm to 8pm, Weekends 2pm to 8pm. Register during our live broadcasts to win a boys and girls bicycle.

DateStart TimeEnd TimeStationRemote Time
Sat 12/72pm8pmBEAT2p-5p
Sat 12/7V1005p-8p
Sun 12/82pm6pmBEAT2p-4p
Sun 12/8KWS4p-6p
Mon 12/95pm8pm  
Tues 12/105pm8pm  
Wed 12/115pm8pm  
Thurs 12/125pm8pm  
Fri 12/135pm8pm  
Sat 12/142pm8pmKWS2p-5p
Sat 12/14BEAT5p-8p
Sun 12/152pm6pmKWS2p-4p
Sun 12/15V1004p-6p
Mon 12/165pm8pm  
Tues 12/175pm8pm  
Wed 12/185pm8pm  
Thurs 12/195pm8pm  
Fri 12/205pm8pm  
Sat 12/2110am8pmKWS11a-2p
Sat 12/21BEAT2p-5p
Sat 12/21V1005p-8p